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The World Athletics Coaches’ Club was born from the successful experiments of summer 2021, when aggregation events were organized for coaches by GACA and Area Coaches’ Associations working together using technologies for online meetings. During the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo and also the 2020 Junior World Championships in Nairobi, the Virtual Coaches’ Clubs involved more than 20 top coaches from different areas of coaching and from across the Globe and a total of over a thousand members in the audience. These numbers convinced us of the immense value of the project and we have worked to develop the concept farther in 2022 through the hybrid format. In doing so we hope to achieve the goal of making it possible for all coaches, wherever they are, to participate in the Coaches’ Clubs. The Clubs will become the connective tissue of the World Athletics Coahces’ Community!.

More than 20 experts and a total of over a thousand members in the audience of the 2021 Virtual Coaches Clubs!

For all the above reasons, in announcing its plans for 2022, Global Athletics Coaching Academy is ready to reveal its Aces. So… stay tuned to this website: it’s been created for you!

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