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>Rita Engelbrecht

About The Speaker

Rita Engelbrecht

Former South Africa's leading hurdles coach and High Performance World authority on hurdles

Rita Engelbrecht has been one of South Africa’s leading hurdles coaches for many years. Rita is World authority on High Performance 100/110 and 400Hs technique and preparation strategy.

Formerly South Africa Head Hurdles coach and coach to Olympic and World class hurdlers, Rita hase published several international articles on coaching (“Warm up of Sabine Bush at the World Championships”, “Analysis of hurdles rhythm”, “Pronation and how it effects the foot placement of athletes”, etc.).

She is also the Author of “A Basic Guideline for Hurdles Coaching” and “Hurdles and Sprints guideline for ASA”. Rita has personally coached to National Records the likes of 100Hs Karen Wilkinson and Corine Botha and also Ralph Schroeder on 110Hs.