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WA Belgrade Coaches’ Club is shaping up!

The program of WA Coaches’ Club in Belgrade is finalised. Dates are March 18-20 and in each one of these days there will be a Breakfast Session (7:30 – 9:00 CET) and an Afternoon Session (14:00 – 16:00). The Breakfast Sessions will host a panel of experts discussing on the upcoming competitions and reviewing the previous day. The Afternoon Sessions will be in two parts: a presentation on a key topic and an interview with one or more coaches. Review of the final day will be online only, the date and time are still to be scheduled. The panels and interviews will be hosted and moderated by GACA chairman prof. Frank Dick OBE and founder and owner Jimson Lee.

Frank Dick OBE and Jimson Lee to host and moderate panels at the Belgrade Coaches’ Club

The updated list of panellists and speakers will be published on this website.

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